Journeyman copywriter hailing from Central Wisconsin. Never lived on a farm, and have neither milked nor tipped a cow. That being said, I'm not sure there's much that can't be made better by adding a slice of cheese. Cereal might be one exception. Lived here and there over the years but have been calling NYC home for the past 5. The A, C and 1 are my lines. They're better than your lines. Well, maybe not the new 2nd Ave line. There's Chuck Close all over the place. 

Prolific storyteller, thinker, problem solver, team member by weekday. Cyclist, fly fisherman, fly tyer, black coffee drinker, Green Bay Packer fan. Parallel parking aficionado. Teary-eyed observers have thrown bouquets after witnessing it firsthand. "El Matador de Estacionamiento" is what they call me in my neighborhood. 

Olé mis amigos! 


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